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YOUR and OUR Permanent Endowment Fund

The Upsilon Sigma Phi, North America, Inc. (USPNA) is a cooperative
endeavor of the Fellows of the North American continent who
found the World Wide Web and joined the cyberspace Fellowship
that had been born by the efforts of Butch Bandong’73 in October
1995 and subsequently labored over by Zoe Viray’75.  The genesis
of the Upsilon Net improved the contacts between Fellows residing
in far flung locales of the North American continent, Europe, other
countries abroad, and the Philippines. The Net renewed the spirit
of Fellowship and the camaraderie among alumni Fellows globally.
It allowed the interchange of dormant memories and stirred
remembrances that led to shared aspirations and mutual
recognition of the need to nurture the growth and development of
the resident Fellows of the University of the Philippines in Diliman
and Los Baños.  The Upsilon Net after four years had a list of
about 400 members.  Although other reunions had been held in
regional areas of the United States, the Net was instrumental in
disseminating news about reunions globally.  It facilitated efforts
to inform and organize fellowships and reunions of Fellows at the
national level and globally.
We Gather Light To Scatter