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Access Business Online
An Internet business-to-Business SuperSite with a unique mix of programming content. It is designed for regular day-to-day use by business and professional people who want to use the vast resources and technological capability of the Internet to improve their business.... without having to spend a lot of time hunting for things.

Better Business Bureau Online
The program is designed to help consumers identify online marketers who have met Better Business Bureau standards for customer service and marketplace ethics.

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BigBook Business Directory
Over 11 Million listed. Type in the name of the business and BigBook will Zoom to map street level. Bonus! BigBook will plot any address in the US on a map, even residential.

Business Credit USA
A variety of services are available here from American Business Information, allegedly the most complete source of bbusiness info for sales, marketing and credit purposes in the U.S. For a mere $3, users can request credit rating scores and business profiles for over 11 million businesses.

Free Business Manuals

@BRINT: Business Research in Information and Technology
@BRINT provides access to full-text papers, magazines & journals, case studies, tools and other key resources on some of today's hottest business issues. Created particularly to suit the needs of both Business and Technology professionals, you'll find many informative articles on topics like: Outsourcing, Virtual orporations, Intranets, Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning, and Electronic Markets.

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Business Smarts
Fuld & Co. Internet Intelligence Index is designed to help you gather competitive intelligence information. It contains links to over 300 intelligence-related Internet sites, covering everything from macro-economic data to individual patent and stock quote information.

Business Week
With editorial content provided by the magazine's award-winning staff, the new site offers a rich array of information resources to consumers and the business community. In addition to the Business Week Computer Buying Guide, the site features daily business news, stock quotes, archives, Business Week's popular business school rankings and more.

The world's most popular Search Engine to locate capital for businesses is Commercial Finance Online. They have something like 12,000 financial resources.

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World Opinion
This site has information on 2000 research organizations worldwide.

Dow Jones Business Directory
Reviews and ratings of "high-quality business web sites." The result is a useful collection of reviews, covering just about any business topic.

Entrepreneur Magazine
The Online Small Business Authority. Check out the "Live Chat"!

The Entrepeneur's Mind
This site offers real-life stories and advice from succcessful entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Hoover's Online
The ultimate source for company information on the Internet. A database contains information on over 8,000 companies. Search by Location, Industry, and/or Sales.

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Idea Site For Business
The Web's coolest site for small and home-based business owners who need new ideas to help business grow. Those who favor a daily dose of wisdom will appreciate the ability to sign up for the for the "A-Marketing-Idea-A-Day-By-Email" service.

Inc. 500
America's fastest growing companies.

Lookup USA...
Now you can find any business in the U.S. and order an in-depth Business Profile online for only $3.00 /ea.

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The NetCheck Commerce Bureau
This company provides businesses and consumers throughout the world a way of inquiring about online companies before transacting any business with them. (Free)

Online Law
You don't have to be a lawyer to browse through the 'Lectric Law Library. Somebody running a small business or ordinary folks who need some legal info are welcomed.
An online magazine was created by Media Relations, a major PR firm to share it's knowledge of publicity with the public. offers the inside scoop about how to get the attention of the press, and how to shine in the spotlight of publicity. Media Relations books hundreds of guests on radio programs and television talk shows each year.

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Roberts' Rules of Order
On this page you will find information about Robert's Rules of Order and its current, up-to-date edition; about the authors who have created this leading manual of parliamentary procedure; and about how you can use Robert's Rules of Order to help your organization run more smoothly.

SBA Business Shareware Library
Small Business Administration shareware library contains over 500 shareware, freeware or public-domain programs for your use in either starting, financing, or expanding your business.

Small Business Advisor
The Small Business Advisor offers online info for the entrepreneur and new business owner. Everything from tax advice to website design.

Small Business Journal
The Small Business Journal is a magazine with articles relevant to the success and endeavors of small business owners.

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Smart Business Supersite
Smart Business Supersite, The How-To Resource For Business, a site with over 4000 free resources for people in business. A Must Stop!

Starting a Small Business
Execent advice to get you going. Information on Ownership, Business Name, Choosing a Location, Purchasing Insurance, Record Keeping and more.

Success Magazine
The online version of Success magazine leading today's entrepreneurial revolution.

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Top Ten Business Lists
They have over 500 such lists available for completely free access on our website with new lists being created added each week.

The Top Paid Chief Executives in the US (Forbes)
Check out the 10 wealthiest and the highest paid.

Unaccustomed As I AM
You're just a click away from everything you need to write a great speech. Help yourself to the extensive speech archive, free advice and the one and only Automatic Wedding Speech Writer.

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The Zenith Medianet
Your daily updated gateway to the top marketing and media sites (3,000+). This unique site provides direct links to all major advertiser and media owner sites on the Internet, along with further links to other sites of general interest for advertisers.



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