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Here are some *incredible* health sites

Medical Breakthroughs reported by Ivanhoe Broadcast News, Inc...Life saving discoveries in the world of medicine...Health News, Doctors, Treatment, Cancer, Diabetes, Sports Medicine, Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Arthritis and LOTS more:

The Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources From the University of Iowa has The *best* lists of Internet sources in health and medicine that you will find anywhere. This is a very handy site:


The Complete Home Medical Guide is an incredible resource. It is a comprehensive home reference that teaches you about your body in sickness and health. With increased emphasis on disease prevention and your role in maintaining your own good health.

IntelliHealth is the home to Johns Hopkins Health Information. IntelliHealth has a health library, drug information, health resources, health news and health zones. Check it out:

In addition to drugs, many people rely on herbs and natural remedies to keep healthy. If you are interested in herbs, Abby's Herbal Information Center is worth seeing.


Natural Land is an Award-Winning Natural Living Supersite where you will find exclusive tips for natural health and living: organic gardening, low-fat cooking, fitness, recipes, herbs, and natural healing foods and crafts. Get fit with workout and nutrition tips.

As seen on 60 minutes - lists the Best Doctors in America (the "Find A Doctor" pages are currently under renovation as they work on the 1998 update of the Best Doctors database):


Here is an interesting website - The Manual for the Surveillance of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases... has a lot of information about vaccine. This manual is designed for nurses, physicians, sanitarians, infection control practitioners, laboratorians, epidemiologists, disease reporters, and others who are involved in the surveillance and reporting of vaccine-preventable diseases. It was designed to provide useful and practical guidance for surveillance activities at the local and state level.

Healthy teeth are important to a healthy being. The General family dentist has information about Quality dental care, Cosmetic dentistry, On-line Dental Information, Oral Hygiene, Preventative Toothcare and Smile Analysis. You can even view this webpage in Espa±ol, Deutsch, Japanese, Francais, Korean, Svenska, Chinese, or Italiano.


WARNING SIGNS OF A STROKE: If you observe one or more of these signs of a stroke or "brain attack," don't wait, call a doctor or 911 right away! (Extracted from Winnipeg newspaper)

* Sudden weakness or numbness of the face, arm, or leg on one side of the body.

* Sudden dimness or loss of vision, particularly in one eye.

* Sudden difficulty speaking or trouble understanding speech.

* Sudden severe headache with no known cause.

* Unexplained dizziness, unsteadiness, or sudden falls, especially with any of the other signs.

Warning signs may last a few moments and disappear but indicate a serious condition that won't go away without medical help.

Additional Information:

*American Heart Association 1997 Heart and Stroke A-Z Guide

*Anatomy of Stroke

*Are You Familiar with the Warning Signs of Stroke?

*Cutting Down On Salt To Prevent Stroke

*National Stroke Association


*Stroke Information Guide

*Stroke Prevention Index

*Treatment Prevents Strokes In Children With Sickle Cell Anemia



The Doctor Directory is a free resource that locates doctors and physicians nationwide. Find a physician by city or state, and get a map to that doctorÆ office. Other physician information listed: doctorÆs name, address, specialty, health plan accepted, education, and office hours.


The Health Plan Directory allows you to search for medical plan providers by state, across the U.S., to find the health and medical plan suited to your needs and location. Listings include; name of provider, address, telephone number, and type of organization.


The Hospital Directory allows you to search for medical institutes by state and city to locate the hospital, medical center, or healthcare facility suited to your needs or location. The directory lists the name, address, telephone number, and type facility for medical institutes nationwide.


American Journal of Medicine (AJMSelect)


 Medical Sites Part 2

Doctor's Guide to the Internet
Professional Edition Every week, their reviewers will identify medical sites worth bringing to your attention and highlight them under this heading. 
Web Medicine 
Welcome to WebMed - The Best Medical Sites On the Web - as featured on CNN - The web site of I-Med, LLC - The Internet Medicine Company
Tulane Medical Library 
Tulane Medical Library Tulane Sites: TULANET VOYAGER Medical School Computer Labs OVID Journal Holdings MDConsult Tulane University Medical Center Howard-Tilton Library Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine Tulane University About...
Medicine Net
Academic Organizations Commercial Organizations Discussion Groups Government Organizations Non-profit Organizations See Also Web Search Search here, or use Galaxy's advanced search for more options.
Medical Web Sites Goodhousekeeping
Good Housekeeping provides a list of the most reliable medical sites on the Internet. Health and Medical Superstore 
The easiest way to buy medical supplies online for patients, caregivers and consumers. Shipped directly to you. Free shipping for orders over $25!
Incontinence and Medical Links Library 
A page of extensive incontinence and medical links from around the world
Historic Medical Sites in the Washington, DC Area 
Tour of important medical landmarks, including medical schools, hospitals, libraries, museums, memorials, and Civil War sites.

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