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Interesting Sites feature universal, must-see sites in every important category. They are in one place so that you can instantly click to the sites.  These sites are updated periodically to ensure they are the finest around. Enjoy!
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    Book Reviews: 


    AcqWeb's Directory of Book Reviews on the Web
    Tons of links

    Book Bytes by Marylaine Block
    "As a regular reviewer for Library Journal since 1980, I have to put quick little labels on books--this is terrific, this is drecchh, buy this, don't buy this, all in 125 words or less, which is nowhere near enough space to tell people about really wonderful books. So here are some columns I've written about books I know and love, books that have entertained me, delighted me, scared me, made me think, and shown me how, in an ideal world people, treat each other."

    BookBrowse:  The Guide for Avid Readers
    "BookBrowse is a site dedicated to reading. They offer fiction reading lists, book reviews, forthcoming titles, author information and much more."

    from the American Library Association
    "Every year we review nearly 4,000 books for adults, more than 2,500 titles for children, more than 500 reference books and electronic reference tools, and 1,000 other audiovisual materials."



    "book reviews, book awards and much more"

    R.R. Bowker's BookWire
    Home page for Boston Book Review, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, School Library Journal...

    College and Research Libraries: Twentieth-century authors
    "Biographic and bibliographic information is just a click away"

    The Complete Review
    "A selectively comprehensive, objectively opinionated survey of books old and new, trying to meet all your book review, preview, and information needs."

    The Internet Book Information Center
    "Welcome to the Internet Book Information Center,established on the Web March 30, 1994, courtesy of the folks at (now  IBIC has evolved over the years; the most recent site redesign (December 1999) puts the freshest, most current information front and center:

    January Magazine: The Best of the 20th Century

    Librarian's Index to the Internet:  Book Reviews

    Lots of good links.



    The New York Times Book Review

    Notes from the Windowsill:  Children's Book Reviews

    "A web site (formerly known as Book Links) for ravenous readers. Overbooked specializes in literary and genre fiction information."

    Reading Rants:  Out of the Ordinary Teen Booklists


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