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Major search engines - Search Engine Directory

The marvelous search engine at now has a toggle that can restrict its searches to government sites only. Google's great virtue is at scoring useful sites above garbage sites, by noting how much inbound linking from other URLs has occurred.

Plain Search (Indexes and Directories)

Cyber411searches 15 search engines

Electric Library    A Research search engine. You may use ordinary language to find information gleaned from newspapers, magazines, news wires, literature, TV and radio transcripts, books, movies, software reviews, an encyclopedia, a dictionary, etc.

NORTHERN LIGHT   A new search engine which indexes "every word on every page" of a website. It has Custom Search Folders to help you narrow your search.
ALTAVISTA    Do keyword search and also advanced search . NOTE: By entering "Link:your-URL", you will obtain a list of all websites that have links to your site.
EXCITE  One of the most complete search engines NOTE: You may use MAILEXCITE as an
INFOSEEK   Do keyword search and use list of related topics to search further
LYCOS    Browse through subject tree and stimulate your mind with keywords to search further
Ask Jeeves    Natural language search engine. Enter a question in natural language. It converts your
question into a series of more formal requests. You choose one and then receive outputs from several
prominent search engines.
LookSmart   For everyday information needs, this site is reliable source of high-quality materials.
Planet Search    Offers a simple search engine, some basic Web directories, special pages for finance, news, weather, and several personalization options.
Web Crawler    Features "Web Shortcuts" that offers solid result for novices. It performs on simple searches, including with natural-language queries. It supports complex Boolean operands but does not provide graphical tools.    You can view categories and sub categories alphabetically as well as in a directory.
Yahoo!    Provides lots of extra features that includes customizable financial and start pages, chat rooms,a version of the site for kids called Yahooligans, listings of Web events, and a desktop news ticker.
People FindersTop

  • Bigfoot    One of the best so far!  It provides service that can simultaneously search both white pages and e-mail data.
    Four11    Provides superior searching capability, excellent integration, and user friendly interface.
    Info Space    The only service that provides search returns with extra information. It features a dial any phone number from the returns, access maps or directions, send a card, locate nearby business, and pull up a local city guide.
    Switchboard    It's only great if you are a member which let you integrate e-mail and street addresses and provides that information instantaneously, making it the site for finding Net people.
    WhoWhere    If want an exact match, you'll get one at this site. Also, it provides a good measure of control over what your search returns look like.
    WordPages    It contains 230 directories representing 100 countries. It offers a SmartName feature that lets you conduct an e-mail search on domain names and pulls up all variations of a given first name. It's the place to go if you're looking for someone who lives abroad.

  • Top

    Business Finders

    BigBook    One of the best for yellow pages searching. It provides intelligent organization, extensive help features, accurate information, and consistently returned the most comprehensive listing.
    InfoSpace    Accurate and extensive database. It features search for fax numbers, too-free numbers, stock quotes, and regional weather.
    Switchboard   Worldpages  -- referred at Peopple's Finder section.


    Metasearch  has a list of specialized search engines in categories (Books & Publications, Cooking, Government, Maps, Medicine, Money & Stocks, PersonFinder, Sports, Shipping, etc.) that will help you narrow your search. I'm not thrilled about the tiny little search boxes on this site, but the list of search engines seems very comprehensive.

    A1 DigiSearch  is a meta-searcher, which means it will send your query to multiple search engines at the same time. A1 DigiSearch lets you specify which search engines to use, plus the maximum time you want it to perform the search.

    Jim Romenesko's  has offbeat and irreverent articles and columns about goings-on in the media. When I visited today it had stories about an HBO executive facing a paternity suit, a survey that said U.S. teens found newspapers "uncool", the inside story about a newspaper war in Canada, and more juicy tidbits.

    Links that will help you with snail mail: PostalCodes, ZipCodes, has hundreds of links to help you with worldwide postal code lookups, zip codes, area codes, and lots of other information to make sure your letter or call gets through.

    Cyber 411  -  Suitable only for beginners looking for an easy but unambitious introduction to metasearching. It links to a directory of categories, such as news and business, a search form, and an option for word or phrase searching and checking for duplicate reports.

    Ask Jeeves  -  Most creative so far. It permits any natural-language queries and then it searches its own database as well as those of Alta Vista, Infoseek, Lycos, Excite, Webcrawler, and many more, such as.MetaCrawler, Metaspy, Dogpile, Highway 61

    DomainSurfer - "Surf the Internet's namespace with DomainSurfer! DomainSurfer is the fastest domain name search engine in the world. Its wild-card and drill-down search mechanisms add unmatched flexibility and make DomainSurfer a unique and powerful tool. "DomainSurfer is a great resource for those who are about to register a new domain for themselves. Its ability to match partial names virtually instantaneously make it an ideal brainstorming tool. "Domainsurfer does not display domains that are ON-HOLD."
      20 million university and education pages indexed and ranked in
      order of popularity. Also reference links to colleges,
      universities, calculators, constants, conversions, and various
      dictionaries and encyclopedias.
      Also reference links to executive agencies, independent agencies,
      and state & local agencies.
      900,000 military pages indexed and ranked in order of popularity.

      SearchAbility -  This site is one of the most usefull I've come across. It contains detailed reviews of gateway sites to specialized search engines. There are search engines that deal with every conceivable topic now, thousands of them, and there are even sites that will guide you in selecting the right search engine for your needs. This site offers a list of guides, and a short description of each. It's a valuable resource, because it provides links to search engines you may never have heard of, with specialized information that will help you in your job or personal life.

    Homo Ludens - A useful portal site. It contains an extraordinary selection of links which you may find interesting and informative. 

    Open Here Directory - Open Here is a searchable directory of internet that is
    somewhat selective in the popular and professional categories of  information that it provides as main topical categories for its directory of the web. It has a wide areas of searchability and content.

    MetaCrawler - MetaCrawler and HuskySearch were researchh projects developed by graduate student Erik Selberg. Grouper was a research project developed by graduate student Oren Zamir. Both students were advised by Oren Etzioni. Erik and Oren received their Ph.D. degrees in 1999. With the research successfully completed and the graduation of these students they were no longer able to maintain these services in a university setting. As a result Go2Net, now InfoSpace, took over exculsive operation of MetaCrawler in 1997 see and HuskySearch and Grouper were shutdown from service in 2000.




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