The Upsilon Credo 
The Tried and True Upsilonian - Rafael S. Francia ’55

The Contributors

Chapter I The Upsilonian as a Person 
The Right Stuff – Alfie Kwong ’67
IF – A Seat of Responsibility and Trust– Gene Bueno ’59 
My Life in the Frat – Claudio B Altura ’53 
For More Meaningful and Productive Fellowships – Rafael S Francia ’55
The Good Fortune of Being an Upsilonian – Gari Tiongco ’62 
Rudyard Kipling’s “IF” – annotated by Rodolfo O. Reyes ’78 
Self-Evaluator and Action Planner – Roberto Esguerra ’60





This Resource Book is the product of the combined efforts of many fellows to whom I owe a special debt of gratitude. My special thanks to Manuel Martell ’47 for his valuable suggestions and to Edwin Paña ‘69 for creating the E-Book. Thanks also to Mario Jamora’62 for his exquisite artwork to illustrate the Credo; to Dick Zamora ’49 and Mart Martell ’47 for their classic song “When You’re Away,” and to Manuel Rivera’57 for his catchy rendition of “The Upsilon March.” I thank the following brods for their articles: Manuel Martell ’47, Claudio B Altura ’54, the late Leonardo B Orendain ‘55, Edgardo B Espiritu ’55, Edwin O Paña ‘69, Gene Bueno ’59, Roberto Esguerra ’60, Gari Tiongco ’62, Willy C Gaa ’66, Alfie Kwong ’67, Celerino C Tiongco ’68, Rodolfo O Reyes ’78 and Yari Miralao ’88. 

We took the liberty of reprinting Rudyard Kipling’s “IF”, a meditation of Pope John Paul II, and St. Francis’ “Prayer for Peace” and “Thoughts on Life”. We also give hyperlinks to Max Ehrmann’s “Desiderata”, Psychological Self-Help by Clayton E. Tucker-Ladd, Washington Sycip’s U.P. Centennial Address, Alexander L. Lacson’s articles on “Little Things We Can Do for Our Country”, UNESCAP and IMF materials on Corruption and Good Governance; materials on Academic Excellence, Conflict Resolution, and Kent M. Keith’s “Anyway”. – Editor



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