Chapter 2  The University of the Philippines

·    Preparedness and Academic Excellence – compiled by Edwin Paña ‘69

·     Faculty Lounge Rooms – by Yari Miralao ‘88

·     The University Town – by the late Leonardo Orendain ‘55

·     Educating Filipinos for the Knowledge Economy  by Celerino C. Tiongco ‘68

·     How to Lead Your Children to Success – from Dr. James B. Stenson





Faculty Lounge Rooms



(beginning with the College of Arts & Sciences and expanding to other school units like the College of Law, College of Engineering, College of Business Administration, School of Economics, etc...)

II. PROJECT PREMISE: To provide UP Faculty with a conducive environment for them to relax, eat, discuss, and recharge. The logic being: better working environment - better quality of teaching. 

U.P. is loosing many of its best teachers to higher paying institutions like Ateneo, LaSalle and the University of Asia and the Pacific. Sure, a teaching position at the UP maybe the most prestigious but one cannot deny that higher pay and better facilities are also relevant considerations as to where the country's best and the brightest academics may choose to practice their professions. Now, my first instinct would be to find a way to increase the pay of our teachers - unfortunately that's beyond our capabilities for now. That said, I propose the smaller solution mentioned above - it may not be much but it is definitely something we are capable of pulling-off.

III. PROJECT SPECIFICS:  To furnish each Faculty Room with the following:

             1. Television Set  

             2. Radio/CD Player

             3. Microwave Oven/Toaster

             4. Coffee Maker

             5. Newspaper/Magazine Subscriptions (i.e.  Asian wall Street Journal, Far Eastern Economic Review, The Economist, etc.)

IV. PROJECT COSTS: (perhaps...$2,000 or Php100,000 per room)


1. Resident brods coordinate w/ faculty on actual needs, purchase and install equipment in Faculty Rooms.  If the rooms need repainting - then so be it - let the residents paint them too.

2. Alumni Brods provide funding as well as contacts on where we can get the best deals (i.e. kung may brod tayo who has access to appliances + hardware supplies at discounted prices, NA brods can provide magazine subscriptions for US based subscriptions, etc...).

VI. FINAL NOTES:  Brods, I personally like this project for the following reasons...

             a. it shows the frat's appreciation of the faculty/staff - unsung heroes in my book

             b. it's doable/sellable to USPNA, USPAA, Resident Fellows  

             c. it enhances the frat's image on Campus (particularly with the professors)

Faculty Lounge Rooms – by Yari Miralao ‘88