Introduction to Second Edition

The Upsilon Credo

The Tried and True Upsilonian, an adaptation and annotation of the Upsilon Credo - by Rafael S. Francia ‘55


Chapter I  The Individual Upsilonian

·     The Right Stuff – by Alfie Kwong ‘67

·     Self-Evaluator and Action Prompter -     adapted by Roberto Esguerra ‘60

·     Desiderata – by Max Ehrmann

·     Rudyard Kipling’s “IF” – annotated by Rodolfo O. Reyes ‘78

·     For More Meaningful Fellowships –by Rafael S. Francia ‘55







About the ResourceBook - Revised Edition 2.0


This Resource Book is the product of the combined efforts of a number of fellows to whom I owe a special debt of gratitude. Foremost among them are: Manuel Martell ’47 for his many valuable suggestions and guidance and Edwin Paña ’69 for organizing all the material into a website. Alfie Kwong ’67, Roberto Esguerra ’60, Yari Miralao ’88 and Pietro Reyes III ’69 made valuable contributions. Rody Santiago ’65, Oscar Valenzuela ’64 and Edgar Gumabon ’58 also gave helpful commentaries. Last but not least, I  thank Angie Fandialan ’60 for supporting this project. - Editor


Editor: Rafael "Piling" Francia '55

 Website: Edwin Olavides Paña ’69

March 2006