Chapter 2 The Upsilonian and the University of the Philippines
The University Town – by the late Leonardo Orendain ’55 
Some Thoughts on the Proposed University Town – Manuel Martell ‘47
Educating Filipinos for the Knowledge Economy – Celerino C. Tiongco ‘68
The Upsilon in the UP Centennial Celebration - Gari Tiongco ’62 
Faculty Lounge Rooms – Yari Miralao ‘88
• Things I heard from my Father – Rafael S. Francia ’55 
Additional Readings:
  * Achieving Academic Excellence - website by Edwin Paña ‘69
  * Questions for the Future of U.P. – Washington Sycip 




  Things I heard from my Father

By Rafael Francia '55             View in PDF

1.Man: a creature made by God in His image; a union of body and soul with a free will; redeemed by Jesus Christ; has dignity as a Son of God

 2.Man’s Goal:  to get to Heaven

 3. A Father’s Function: to protect his family and lead it along the right path.

 4.Right Path: to know and love God and neighbor; to follow Jesus Christ - the way, the truth, and the life.

 5.Love: to will the good of the other person

 6.Holiness: to be a friend of God, our Father and Creator

 7.Happiness: Don’t chase after power, fame or money; rather, strive to be holy and you will be happy.

 8. Allies: Christ; His Church; Our Lady; the Saints; your Guardian Angel; your wife

 9. Enemies: You are at war every moment against your pride and ignorance, the devil, and a hostile environment.

 10. Life: Live only in the present moment in the presence of God. You cannot bring back the past but learn from it. You may not be here tomorrow but hope for it with optimism for God doesn’t lose battles.

 11. Control: The only thing you can control in your life is how you choose, with your free will, either to do good or evil. Everything else falls under God’s providence.

 12. Freedom: Direct your freedom towards God, the ultimate good. If you choose to disobey Him and do evil, you abuse your freedom and become a slave to sin.

 13. Magic Words: I love you; Please; Thank you; I’m sorry

 14. WATCH your Words, Actions, Thoughts, and the Company you keep.     

  They determine whether you are headed for Heaven or hell.

 15. Mentor: Have trustworthy persons to help you keep your body and soul healthy and your goal in sight.


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