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FishBase Database 

  • FishBase - FishBase is a global information system with all you ever wanted to know about fishes. FishBase is a relational database with information to cater to different professionals such as research scientists, fisheries managers, zoologists and many more.  FishBase on the web contains practically all fish species known to science. The FishBase 2000 CD-ROM contains full information on 25,000 species and comes on 4 CD-ROMS -- with detailed information on population dynamics, genetics, morphology, trophic ecology, physiology, ecotoxicology, reproduction, etc.  See the FishBase homepage or the FishBase book for more information.  FishBase was assembled with the help of many partners and with the support of the European Commission and other sponsors. Contact them if you want to provide pictures or data

  • Please read the related article about the site below:

Something's fishy
about this website
By Volt Contreras/Philippine Daily Inquirer/August 2000

SOMETHING'S fishy about this team of mostly Filipino science enthusiasts making a big splash on the Internet. But no, this is not concerning another "Iloveyou" virus.

After 10 years of work at their base in Los Baños, Laguna, 14 local marine researchers along with three foreign supervisors produced the first and most comprehensive online database about one of the most diverse life forms on earth--fish.

The database, found at  http://www.fishbase.org/search.html , is an electronic encyclopedia containing the latest and richest information on all types of fishes known to man, all the 25,063 species, which make up 47 percent of all vertebrate creatures.

Its creators are from the International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (Iclarm) with a Philippine base at the International Rice Research Institute complex in Los Baños.

Iclarm-aka The World Fish Center--initiated the Fishbase project in 1990 on a $5.8-million grant from the European Union.

The achievement is considered the piscean equivalent of the human genome project, the celebrated quest to map out the human genetic code.

Indeed, as one researcher put it, "fish leads all of creation" because the Fishbase project is the first completed effort in line with the ambitious scientific initiative called Species 2000, the plan to electronically catalogue all of the planet's 1.75 million known species, flora and fauna.

Ocean of knowledge

A few clicks of the mouse can provide Net surfers--children, students, hobbyists and business and academic researchers--an ocean of knowledge that will make them see aquatic life in a new light, in all its complexity, color and grandeur.

And ultimately, they might appreciate how much of this underwater world is now under threat because of man's assault on the marine ecosystem through pollution, overfishing, and sheer ignorance about life's fragile cycles.

The Fishbase team, headed by a German project leader, Dr. Rainer Froese, tapped over 500 other marine life experts and research centers all over the globe for references. They are referred to as collaborators in the project.

Leading the Filipino component is Dr. Maria Lourdes Palomares, marine biologist, who said that Fishbase contains entries on 271 fish species found in Philippine freshwater areas.

The other members are Aque Atanacio, Cris Binohlan, Emily Capuli, Christine Casal, Lem Casten, Tess Cruz, Nina Garilao, Tuttay Luna, Grace Pablico, Rudy Reyes, Skit Rius, Pasky Saa and Arlene Sampang.

The other foreigners in the group are Dr. Daniel Pauly, senior scientific advisor; and Boris Fabres, network coordinator.

The website was designed by Eli Agbayani and Meynard Gilhang.

Fishbase.com is both a tantalizing source of trivia and a venue for serious study. It reveals, for example, that while relying on 6,976 species of fish for food, medicine, ornament, or sport, humankind fearfully avoids or drives away 630 other species because they ferociously bite, poison, or, even electrocute.

And of the 630 predator species, 4 percent do "other disgusting things" to humans, said Dr. Froese, apparently dropping a teaser for website visitors, in a simple program last week when Iclarm formally announced that it had catalogued all the 25,000 known fish species.

Sex life

And not everyone knows that fishes have a variety of sex lives that seem to come straight out of science fiction. Consider this:

o Members of some species first spend their lives as females, then become males as they age, and vice-versa. There are at least 26 species whose members are bisexual or hermaphrodites. And then at least two species have "no males." How do they reproduce? That's for the website visitors to find out.

Stranger still, some fishes conceive in the mouth, others in pouches. While most species simply let egg and sperm cells meet in open water.

But beyond providing such fantastic facts, www.fishbase.org can be a major research tool catering to science professionals, schools, institutions, non-government organizations, museums, companies, and, yes, entire governments.

It provides graphs and tables on how big the fish population is in a particular segment of the Earth, in the open seas or inland bodies of water.

It also provides information on global trends in fish catch (which doesn't look good, according to Fishbase); and other solid data that can serve various ends, from making a term paper to forming state policy.

Dr. Daniel Pauly, scientific adviser to Fishbase and a guest during last week's affair, said the website can be accessed by the environment or agriculture departments of various countries to help them meet their international commitments in managing marine resources.

He noted that mainly for lack of materials on how to draw up a sustainable program to preserve their marine ecosystems, governments, particularly those of developing countries, cannot fulfill the pledges they've made as signatories to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.


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